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Pre-Sale Questions

Why does your toll-free phone number say it is "Not In Service"?

This can happen when trying to use a cell phone to make the call, many cell phone carriers do not require you to use the country code "+1 or 001" sometimes it is software in the phone (Nokia Lumina 1020 -Telus).

If you tried dialing with any prefix before 855 852 4561 then try dropping the prefix and just dialing 855 852 4561.


Do I need to know how to program HTML or any other web site coding?

No coding or programming experience is necessary, if you can use a computer to surf the internet or create an email your most likely qualified to use the web tools to update and maintain your web site.

If you would like to extend your web site past the basic functions (and there are a lot of them) learning a little bit of HTML or CSS would go quite far, however it is not needed to have a professional web site.


Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

Absolutely! However it doesn't start with a refund, we do refund but we would first like to try and make you happy / satisfied.


Otherwise we may not know you are unhappy, we pride ourselves on Great Customer Service! We still have our first customer from 1999!


How long after I sign up can I access my web site?

That really depends?

One thing it will depend on is whether or not you already have a domain name and if so where it currently is and who currently manages it.

If you are using a New Domain Name (one is included with every Service Solution) less than 12 hours in most cases. You can however start working on your new web site as soon as you sign up. Instructions will be in your welcome email.

Generally your web space is set up within a couple of hours (this includes your CMS and other software) however it can at times take up to 12 hours.

If you are pointing a domain name via DNS control and wish to put a rush on your web space set up you will be given instructions in your welcome email after sign up.


Do you offer training?

Local training is available by the hour @ your business location.
Area served is Peachland to Oyama minimum 2 hours training. Training is $45.00 per hour.

Training is available between Peachland & Penticton or Oyama & Vernon when either a minimum of 4 hours is booked or 1 hour is added to the 2 hour minimum for travel. Training is $45.00 per hour.


Do you offer custom web design?

Yes, please see the Add On Services Page for complete details.


After all even if you do need to hire a designer / developer to build your site you can still save a lot of money using the easy to use web site tools to update your web site after it is built.


I live outside of North America, can I sign up for your services?

Currently No,

In fact we are only taking customers from Canada & the U.S.A. even Mexico who although part of North America is in eligible and will be blocked at our payment processor.

Most of the reasons are Legal, and will not be elaborated on here.


What is a Domain Name? Hosting? Server?

A Domain Name is how people find you on the internet our domain name is www.WebmasterNotRequired.com

Hosting is a service which offers others your web site through the Internet for others to view.

A Server is the actual computer which handles everything required for the hosting.


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Billing Questions

Can I Pay by Cash or Cheque?

Generally the answer is no.

However local clients will have the option to pay for the year in either cash, money order or cheque, the appropriate receipt will be issued at that time.


I don't have a Credit Card is there a way I can still order?

Yes, we prefer you to use PayPal.com. The reason for this is we believe that your credit card or banking information should be handled by professionals in this field. We are web and internet application specialists but not bankers (we do not have the proper facilities to store information of this nature.)


What Credit Cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, & American Express through our payment processor PayPal.com
This is seamless through our web site check out process.


Are the transactions secure? How?

Yes, they are extremely secure, please click the following link for comple details.

PayPal.com Security & Protection Information


Do you offer refunds?

Yes, once all other avenues have been exhausted. We pride ourselves on our customer & technical support, if you ever have a problem we want to take care of it and keep you as a customer. If we can't and you have given us a fair chance to do so, of course we will refund your money.


My account is overdue and my services are limited, what now?

CALL US NOW!!! 01 250 862 7447, the reason it is at least in limited mode (maybe email password blocked) is we want to work with you and not just turn your services off.


Do you offer discounts?

From time to time, please join our Newsletter or Blog RSS for up to date information on Specials and Featured Services.


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Domain Name Questions

What is a Domain Name?

A Domain Name is the way people find your web site, domain names generally take the shape of www.DomainName.com or www.DomainName.info or a whole bunch of top level domains (what comes after the .)

For most people you will most likely be interested in a .com or maybe a .net however today you can choose from many different top level domains.
.ca, .ws, .tv, .uk, .info, .name, .us, .biz, .org)


How much does a Domain Name cost?

Today they are around $10 - $20 and expected to climb slowly annually.


I'm suppose to receive a FREE Domain Name with my purchase how do I redeem it?

Instructions on redeeming your domain name are in your Welcome eMail, look for coupon code and link. Didn't receive your Welcome eMail?

Please open a Support Ticket and include your user name in your message.


How do I renew my Domain Name?

As long as we show in the records as the administrator we will receive an invoice for the domain name and pay it for another year as long as you are a customer in good standings with WebmasterNotRequired.com.


Who is GetDomainNamesFree.com?

That is our sister site and where we manage our Domain Names from. Both WebmasterNotRequired.com & GetDomainNamesFree.com are subsidiaries of SteelPulseProducts.com which is the direct descendent of CanadaWebDesigns.com circa 1999


I want to leave / stop using WebmasterNotRequired.com, how do I move or transfer my Domain Name

We're sorry to hear that and would hope that you contact us and let us try to make you an offer to keep you as a customer before actually leaving. However if your services are paid up to date and you wish to transfer your domain name away from our servers please send us an email to confirm this then start the transfer at your new registrar and we will approve it.


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Web Hosting Related Questions

What kind of server is my web site hosted on?

LAMP Ubuntu 12.04LTS

Dual-Core AMD Athlon 64 X2

2GB of RAM

Running IIS, PHP4, PHP5, ASP.net, Python, Ruby, CGI-Perl, hMailServer, SpamAssassin, ClamAV

Top speed connection

Why compromise the quality of your website speed to your visitors when you don’t have to? Some providers will offer you a lot of traffic but at a compromised line speed. Our servers feature 100 MBit data connection, 10 times faster than most providers.

No constraints or data collisions

100 MBit data connection means that your server can provide fast access to your visitors, experiencing no constraints or data collisions.

The 100 MBit data connection is also helpful when you make local updates or re-image your server with a new operating system. Updates that would normally take several minutes can be completed in seconds.


What is a web and or mail server?

A web server hosts web sites and internet applications, your home computer most likely can host a web site if you configured it to. Other computers find your web site through your computer ip address (like a unique internet id)

A mail server sends and receives email, this is where problems with SPAM and Unsolicited Commercial Email come in, while a computer can easily be set up to be a web server, doing so is highly undesirable as someone could send a million email messages through your computer. In reality this would probably not happen as you Internet service provider will notice the traffic and turn off your Internet account for violation of their terms of service.

We use certain restrictions and third party software to help us have mail servers that are not listed in the SPAM blacklists and block a majority of the SPAM sent to you.

(Our mail servers will stop sending @ 100 messages)

Contact us if you require a newsletter application or have an email marketing list as we simply run that on a different server, however this is not an offer for SPAMMING but to mail a legitimate opt-in mailing list.


What is SPAM?

SPAM is Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) .

Generally UCE is unwanted (think flyers in your mail box or newspaper) and consumes bandwidth and at times exposes people to things or images they have no interest in and many times find offensive.

It doesn't mean that the UCE is not wanted by some of those it reaches it has more to do with those that do not want it. So if you want to harvest email addresses or buy a list of random email addresses than you are spamming when you send out your mailer, regardless how much you think the world needs your products or services.

Besides mailing a targeted list that your recipients signed up for will bring you a better return.


Can I send SPAM through the mail server?



This we take very seriously and will if approached by any government agency turn over your information to them if you are SPAMMING through our mail servers. While we take steps to stop most people from being able to send SPAM through our servers, be it known if you circumvent our efforts we will turn you in.

If you have a legitimate email list let us know and we WILL SET UP A MAILER FOR YOU THAT


I am receiving a Server not Responding Error?

Please try back in a minute or two, while we don't have to reboot the web server often, sometimes we have to after installing software, security patches, or for better overall performance. Possibly you have reached the server at one of these times.

note: We try to do these reboots between 12am and 6am PST, but have had to in the past outside of these times.


My web site does not display?

First make sure you are connected to the Internet try maybe Google.com or MSN.com if you can reach them please hit f5 on your keyboard or refresh/reload from Menu/View. If you still see Google or MSN then contact us at 1 (250) 862-7447


What kind of access do I have to the server?

FTP access to your web sites root
Public FTP
Folder can be set up


Can I run custom scripts on the server?

For the most part NO!

However if it a professional web application / script then quite possibly it will be allowed. Well written scripts that use and release resources like they are suppose to will be allowed. Practice scripts or development scripts will not be allowed.

We will install any custom script for you and at that time take a good look at how it works and how it will affect the web server.


Can I install custom software on the server?

Same as above, if you are thinking of purchasing software to run on the server please send us a Support Ticket with the software details or sales page and we will have a look at it and make sure it will run on your web site.

We will also install it for you if approved (Basically we install it to your web site and test it).


Do you offer reseller hosting or developer accounts?

No, however we do offer a business in a box franchise system if you would like to duplicate what we do (At that time you will have a dedicated Windows Server that you can Resell and Develop on) For more info please see here


end faq