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Content Management System

We use Joomla as our CMS which is similar to Wordpress however with a lower overall cost to you.

While Wordpress claims to be FREE you quickly discover that to have any kind of useful web site other than a simple blog you will need to upgrade your Wordpress account to a paid one.

Both are good, WordPress is better at Blogs and Joomla is the better choice if you require a robust web site.

Below is a comparison of some key components.

Established 2005.
# of Core Versions 7
(As of Feb 2013)

Established 2003
# of Core Versions 3
(As of Feb 2013)

Better for complex web sites
Can be used for giant intranets

Better for basic blogging
Offers a free basic blog account

Uses Modules to display
around main content.
(weather module, latest news)

Uses Widgets to display
additional content
(recent posts, post categories)

Plugins affect front-end output

Plugins tweak the main functionality.

Components extend the
core functionality.
Usually incorporates
Plugins & Modules

Not Available

Built using Templates
designed with versatility in mind.

Uses limited purpose
content-orientated themes.


One of the biggest advantages that Joomla has over Wordpress is it is designed to to be fully customizable and extendable. You can build anything from a simple single page blog site to a full blown e-commerce web site.

However, because of this it can be a little harder to set up initially, this is where we are able to offer the most help. We have built numerous web sites with Joomla and can put together your web site is usually a few hours.

Once your web site is up on the internet you will easily be able to manage it with the CMS anytime you have an internet connected device.