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Computer Virus, Spyware, Trojan & Malware Removal

If you are using a computer running Microsoft Windows there is a chance you may one day have a virus or other malicious software on your computer.

Why? Quite simply the windows operating system is the most widely deployed system worldwide so if you were going to try and gather as much information like passwords, credit card numbers & personal information it only makes sense to go after the largest user base.

Does this make using Microsoft Windows a bad idea?  We don't think so and in fact while we have used computers with all kinds of different operating systems (linux, Mac, Windows) our favorite is still a Microsoft machine. In fact all of our computers are Windows 8.1.

To help you protect yourself when using a Microsoft Windows computer we recommend the following:

If using a version of Windows XP or older we recommend you upgrade to either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, while we like the speed and other new features Windows 8.1 brings it does have a different user interface and those looking for the least amount of change how the computer operates may prefer Windows 7. Other items you make take into consideration is programs that are added or removed from each version, an example is the removal of Windows Video Maker in 8+ and the automatic addition of Windows Defender anti-virus and malware in Windows 8+.

Installed FREE with Microsoft Windows 8+ systems, be careful that on new systems it hasn't been deactivated and have a trial version of Norton or some other anti-virus program that will want money from you and slow down your computer system.

If you do have any other kind of anti-virus on your Windows 8+ computer uninstall it in your computers Control Panel then reboot your computer and it should warn you that you are not protected and to click a bubble to fix the problem, this will prompt you to turn on Windows Defender.

If using an operating system other than Windows 8+ you can download Microsoft Security Essentials FREE from Microsoft

When you download from a web site or have a file attachment you should save the file to an area on your computer then run a virus scan on it before opening it. Windows 8+ does this automatically.

Make sure the link you are opening really does go where it says it will.  Many Phishing emails try to trick you into giving them your personal and/or credit card information.  An example is secure.paypal.com is actually PayPal because the domain name ends at paypal.com  however secure.paypal.payments.com would definetely NOT be PayPal but rather PAYMENTS.COM

Too Late! I'm Already INFECTED!!!

Already infected? We can help, we have fixed many computers without losing important information. We try to heal your computer by removing the malicious software without having to erase everything on your computer and re-installing your operating system.

Re-install is our last option and prior to doing that we will try to recover as much data from your hard drive before erasing anything.

Single Computer / Laptop Pick Up Drop Off Service:
We will pick up fix and drop off your computer, available in Honolulu, Hawaii
$90 1st computer
$50 each additional computer.

Onsite Computer Repair
Available in Honolulu, Hawaii
$140 first 2 hours
$50 each additional hour

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