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WebmasterNotRequired.com grew from a simple web design company back in the spring of 1999. At that time the internet was just about to take off and still had many major players fighting for customers to use their products.

For example Microsoft's Internet Explorer & Netscape's Navigator went head to head before Microsoft eventually won out and shortly after was sued for bundling the browser with the Windows operating system.

Today while there are many web browsers they mostly work with the same standards, code written for one generally will work across all browsers.

Anyway it was a difficult time to say the least, a good web developer or webmaster at the time really had to earn the title. At one time it was not uncommon for the webmaster to not only design and maintain a web site including the use of server side technologies & databases to collect & process information but also had to know how to configure and maintain the web & mail servers.

Around the turn of the century the Internet was experiencing uncontrolled growth and projects were demanding thousands if not millions of dollars to be built and promoted. Many people bought into stock options and more with these Internet start ups, however the industry was slow to deliver on its promises. Security was poor, web sites and online stores were ridiculously expensive (Generally code had to be written from scratch, custom code is expensive), people had little trust in dealing with people online they could not see.

Then came the DOT COM BUST, many companies went bankrupt or had to downsize as the initial big promises from the internet were experiencing problems and it became obvious that it was going to take a lot more time, better security and money before the Internet was ready for today's users.

So after a couple of name changes and a restructure of core services (we had to add more, like hosting, domain names, database applications, online marketing) we are still here, and not only that we still have our very first customers.

Well, we survived the Internet boom and bust followed by the strong resurgence of the Internet.

A Network Solutions invoice from April 2000Today we are known as WebmasterNotRequired.com & GetDomainNamesFree.com (our domain registration site). Which in itself is quite amazing, when we started in 1999 our very first domain name cost us $70.00 for 2 years, then minimum time you could register back then. Today domain names are generally less than $11 a year and FREE with all of our services.

Also we've taken a modular approach to web development which brings huge savings to you. For most businesses and customers you will require a simple set of core applications. Very rarely will you truly require a custom application, more so you will probably require an application customized to fit your needs and company.

We've made hundreds of web sites and have been building and using database web applications for years.


ZenGarden Web sitesAll of our web sites use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for formatting which makes it super easy to change the look of a web site in seconds by making changes to one simple text file.

For more on CSS and what it can do please visit here. All of the sites at CSSZenGarden.com contain the same information. The only page that gets edited is the CSS file and it creates a different looking web site in seconds.

Throughout the past 10 years we have been learning as much as possible about Internet Marketing. Currently the best place to be focusing is on Google adWords which bring the best kind of traffic.

We can help you get and track the proper visitors to your web site. Don't fall for search engine placements when we can get you listed right next to them for FREE and you only pay when someone actually visits your web site.

Today we are in the service industry, we're confident we can help you create a web site that will be perfect for your business at a fraction of what it would cost you to go to one of the local corporate web development firms.

The reasons are simple but essential for us to bring you everything that we can at the service and quality levels our customers have been enjoying for years.

Our overhead is very low, we pass the savings on to you.

Our service is designed as a full service to make your life easier, you don't need to know anything about web development.